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our story

fine jewelry for your every day

From the Founder,

Hi everyone!

My name is Kirat and I am the one woman show behind Urban Gypsea Jewelry.

As a child, I loved dressing up in my mom's jewelry. There was something so special about donning my traditional cultural clothing and then choosing from the pieces my mom would bring home from the bank. When I turned 16, my parents gifted me my first pair of “kade.” I still remember going to the jewelry store with my dad and coming home to a surprise party with my first set of gold bangles. They were 14k gold and platinum with five flower like charms hanging from each one— my absolute favorite possession. Sadly, we lost these and a few other heirloom pieces from my great grandmother when our home was robbed.

I never imagined that jewelry could be a career path and eventually pursued the sciences over art. After graduating from Baylor I taught high school chemistry in Dallas and then moved to New Orleans to study Physical Therapy. I have been a travel therapist since graduating and am so grateful for everything this path has brought into my life. It was during this time that I learned I could very well make jewelry and that it was not all machine made. It blew my mind when friends wanted to purchase jewelry I had made. And now, all of you out there, representing my brand fill my heart with joy... and my life with so many happy dances. Thank you for being here to support my dream.

Much love,


handmade and curated just for you

from design to delivery - our jewelry is made with intention

Our Values

Our brand is more than just another place to buy jewelry. Our jewelry is made to last and empower. Our brand values sustainability, adventure, inclusivity, and empowerment.

Our Jewelry

Our pieces are available in gold filled, gold and sterling silver. These metals are high quality and waterproof making them perfect for your everyday.

Our Journal

Psst… did you know our gemstones come from all over the world? Travel inspires us over here at U|G. Let us inspire you with some of our travels, styling hacks and more.

Our Shop

You can shop U|G at one of our pop ups, online or book a permanent jewelry event with us. We can’t wait to meet you!

We work hard to ensure our practices are as earth friendly as possible. Our jewelry is created in small batches resulting in limited inventory but also making sure every piece has a home. All scrap metal from the making process is melted down to be reused in other pieces and even our non metal scraps are sent to the refinery. Our packaging consists of recyclable (and compostable) kraft mailers, a reusable cloth pouch, recycled tissue paper, and is almost 100% plastic free (we are working on the tape). We also offer a recycling and repair program to ensure the quality, longevity and sustainability of our pieces. If your piece breaks— we can repair it for you! And if you decide you want a new favorite piece… send it back to us to be recycled and receive a credit towards your next purchase with us.